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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  June 8, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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down. to the people of this great city, i'll be take nothing questions. >> brown faces fines in up to six months in prison for the felony. he left the federal courthouse to appear an hour later in d.c. superior court to plead guilty to a misdemeanor crime he allowed an unregistered campaign bank account to spend thousands of unaccounted for dollars on his 2008 campaign. others are expected to face charges in that case. brown's attorney, fred cook, got permission from the court to allow brown to leave the area for a week to avoid the intense media scrutiny of his every. brown will be back in both courts on september 20th to be sentenced for his crimes. he's expected to get some jail time but we're not sure what it will be. our team coverage continues
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with richard jordan live at the u.s. attorneys office where officials had tough words for quamy brown. >> the u.s. attorney did not hold back. he said this was not a witch hunt. he does not have a vendetta against quamy brown. he said he was following the money and this was a joint investigation with the u.s. attorney's office. the irs and the fbi, that led to those two plea deals that were submitted earlier today, the heftiest, of course, is the felony bank fraud charge. the u.s. attorney saying that there, they simply discovered that back in 2005, when brown had submitted an application for a bank loan, a home equity bank loan, that he created a position for himself, a job, a company, he called himself the vice presidents of this unnamed company and then, he appointed a college friend of his, the president of that company. this college friend did not have a clue. once officials were able to pick up on that, that's when they said, they knew something was
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up. they checked it out and they said they discovered that brown did commit fraud. there was the other incident with the boat where he changed a "3" to an "8" saying that his income was not $35,000. instead, it was $85,000. >> and once we discovered that fraud, along with the repeated cash expenditures over and above the $50 limit we simply could not allow him to remain in his position. a position in which he yielded tremendous influence over a stu budget in the billions of dollars. >> the sense of entitlement by these individuals has to stop. they are not entitled to that which was not belong to. they are not entitled to break the law without repercussion. >> the u.s. attorney said that this is a sign for every elected official out there that his office will vigorously prosecute any corruption they discover. they did point out the
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investigation into the 2008 brown re-election campaign is not over yet, however, prosecute prosecutors say they don't expect to file additional charges. reporting live at the u.s. attorney's office, richard jordan, news4. >> the situation has many asking, so who's in charge and what's next? once the d.c. board of elections receives brown's resignation letter, it will officially declare the seat opened. the city will have 114 days to hold a special election to fill brown's seat and in the meantime, ward 3 representative, mary cha, is the acting chairman. it's her responsibility to call and preside over a special meeting to select a interim chair. that meeting will take place next wednesday. brown's resignation the latest in the series of he gal woes. mayor vincent grey under investigation for his 2010 campaign. two staffers pled guilty to felonies and earlier, harry thomas jr. was sentenced to
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three years in prison for stealing thousands of dollars in district money that was supposed to go to youth programs. it cost him his seat and he's expected to report to prison later this month. stay with us for the continuing coverage. and visit to read his full apology. three crooks attempted three carjackings and three times they came up empty handed in prince georges county. this was as drive-through in clinton. this is prince george's county police headquarters, pat? >> jim, three guys, three carjackings in less than 23 minutes. in baseball, three strikes you're out. in the world of carjacking, not so much. june 3rd, three armed men, three carjackings in less than 23 minutes. but when you hear the whole story, you'll understand why
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these suspects are more leak the three stooges and why the police are hoping this surveillance video will lead to their arrest before someone gets hurt. carjacking number one, stuart lane, clinton, maryland. 11:23 at night. three armed men, they take a man's cell phone. they take his car kwooes, they take his toyota car. it's a clean get-away. oh, except for one thing. gas! you see, that toyota car didn't have any gas. it was running on vapor. and here on allentown road, it came to an unexpected stop. the three would-be carjackers bailed. and continued on foot. carjacking number two, old branch avenue, seven minutes later, three blocks away. those three armed men approach a man in a jeep.
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that man, that driver yells, i'm a cop, you better move on. one of the suspects said, my bad, my bad. and they all back off. and walk away. carjacking number three, at the hangar club a half block away. they have surveillance video of this one. a woman in a dodge charger pulls up to the drive flu window and makes a purchase. the suspect come in on both sides and manage to get a door of the car opened but when the woman gets wise to what's going on, she hits the gas and drives off. >> it's incredible that we have three suspects involved and three different carjacktiings ia short period of time, armed and dangerous with handguns. we need to get them off the street before someone gets seriously injured. >> if you know these guys, police want to hear from you.
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live in prince george's county, pat collins, news4. a surprise announcement from if world of horse racing. no triple crown win they are you're because i'll have another was scratched from tomorrow's belmont stakes. i'll have another won both the kentucky derby and the preakness. but after if horse's final training run, the trainers found swelling in his left front leg. >> i'm afraid the history will have to wait for another day. >> it was unanimous. my brother and i and everyone at the barn to retire him and it is a bummer, but, again, far from tragic but it is very disappointing. >> today's announcement marks the first time since 1936 that the winner of the kentucky derby and the preakness hadn't run in the belmont stakes. we have some breaking news out of great falls. chopper 4 is over the scene of a water rescue. a kayaker got stuck on the rocks in the potomac river. they set in a helicopter. so far no reports of any
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injuries. >> that time of year when you start doing the boating thing, right? >> yeah. >> speaking of the weather, it's a nice evening? >> it's a beauty. veronica is out there and in someone's backyard filling in for doug. she's in kensington. how's it going? >> i'm having a cookout and i found the lemonade. these are really good drinks. they have adult beverages but these are good. the kids put something special in them and they're making some money. how much is the lemonade cost? >> $25 -- 25 cents. >> see, the older kids they know right. so much money have you made? >> i think one. >> $1! we have $1 in there. really good lemonade. follow me down here. we have everything out here. this is typical of what happens on their block parties in kensington. we have the hartman family, the hime family and the marmer
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family. they have music playing. we have food, strawberries, burgers on the grill and, of course, more drinks and chips, all of that from out here. and our temperatures right now are in the low 80s and we're talking about heat coming our way this weekend at 85 right now. we've been in this cool pattern all week long with our temperatures running below average but now, temperatures will go way up above average for the weekend. more coming up. >> doug is looking a little stiff out there. the latest in the presidential race. president obama holding a news conference to talk about the economy. he blamed congress for rejecting his bill to help states and cities hire workers and he took credit for creating more than 4 million private sector jobs. and that's when he made a remark that republicans have pounced on. >> over 800,000 just this year alone.
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the private sector is doing fine. >> are you kidding? did he see the job numbers that came out last week? >> he said the private sector is doing fine. is he really that out of touch? >> the economy is not -- >> if the president spent the rest of the day in damage control. he didn't say the economy was fine. he said he held a news conference today because the economy needs to be strengthens. >> and a senior prank becomes a trending topic on twitter. the high jinks that got so many kids in trouble they can't walk at graduation. 20 years ago a member of this class was a victim of shaken baby syndrome. today, shaun mccory graduated. his inspirational story just ahead. the hidden camera video that freed a former high school freed[ male announcer ]ool this was how my day began.
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breaking news, two guilty pleas kwame brown. he admitted falsifying his income by tens of thousands of dollars on bank loan applications. in another court he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge stemming from his 2008 campaign funds. brown resigned on wednesday because of the scandal. it was two decades ago when news4 first met a baby named shaun mccrory. julie did a story about shaun was severely shaken by a babysitter. today we caught up with him and his family once again and we have the story of shaun's success against all odds. >> shaun mccrory, on his last day of high school. his trade mark yell 'of enthusiasm echos through the halls. >> you could put every positive word on shaun and it would match him perfectly. >> 20 years ago shaun's parents
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were not sure their baby would survive. at 8 months old he was violently shaken by a babysitter and suffered severe brain injuries, impaired vision and lost the use of his arm. seen at 16 months he was trying to learn to crawl all over again. >> we have questions like what are you going to do with shaun after this? >> the mccrorys refused to give up on their little boy. >> it's ashame to put limits on someone with a disability. there's always a way to teach them how to do something. >> at southern high school, the teachers and students have also made sure that shaun would thrive. for five years he's been in a life skills class there but most importantly, shaun's been embraced by his classmates and he proudly shows off his crown, after being named prom king. >> he loves life. he has a great time doing everything. >> but nothing could prepare them for what happened today. on graduation day, the principal arranged things so shaun would cross the stage last. >> shaun patrick mccrory!
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as shaun celebrated on stage with hugs, holding his certificate up high, his classmates rozsvial to honor him and so did their parents and friends until the whole showplace arena was cheering right along with shaun. >> we wanted him to have his moment and really, we are truly going to miss him. his spirit is amazing. >> indeed, it is. congratulations, shaun mccrory. in upper marlboro. >> that is what his teacher said. i cry a lot, jim. >> that's all right. that's real. >> this is jim rosenfield, our new anchor. that made me cry. >> wait, here's some kleenex. >> jim is going to be -- jim is going to be taking care of me, because i'm a faucet. but you're our new anchor from -- that was just so sweet. bless his little heart. >> inspiration. i'm happy to be here.
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>> and we're happy to have you here. you came from chicago and new york city and worked the our station in new york and our station and cbs in new york and chicago. >> but i'm happy to be back in the nbc family and here with all of you. already first week it feels like home. it really does. a wonderful newsroom. number one operation in d.c. and what an interesting time to be here in d.c., so delighted to be here. my wife is from the area, so it it felt like home. >> you have kids? >> they're kind of grown and leaving the nest, but i'm happy that they're joaning us. >> we're a very fun station. >> you are cool. >> it is, it's a very fun station. everybody gets along. >> i see it, wendy. >> thanks for the tissone. let's go out to veronica in kensington with a lot of good eats. >> a lot of good eating. i haven't gotten to the hamburger part yet. there's all sorts of craziness
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going on out here. say "hi" guys. is this what your neighborhood looks like is this this is typical of this corner right here and it's called "the happy corner hour." hit it, tina. tina is making me a nonalcoholic margarita and it looks really good, so in a minute i'll have that. >> you dwiegs have been getting together for how many years. >> we've been here for six years since before our kids were born. >> so a toll o total of four families. that's about eight people but on a given night you can have how many? >> 30 and whoever pulls up. >> that's crazy. >> what kind of things do you do? >> we take any opportunity to celebrate. st. patrick's day, mardi gras. the boys practice lacrosse. we take every saturday as a day to celebrate. >> i love it. all the kids grew up together and they look for any reason to get together. what are you doing this weekend? we're talking about heat. >> we're going to the pool. >> to the pool. >> let's go to the pool. let's look and see what's going on across the area right now. it is very comfortable out here.
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>> i love it. no bugs yet. that's good. >> 85 degrees right now and a northwest wind at 8 miles an hour. up in fair faction at 82 and in waldorf, 84 degrees. throughout the area, some warmth, even at kentucky right now we got 81 degrees and 85 in columbus, ohio. the real heat sits further back off to the west. that's what will make its way in through the weekend. that area of high pressure, really warming us up. we've got upper 80s tomorrow for a highs. and then low 90s on sunday. with maybe a few high clouds coming in on sunday. so, indeed, the heat that's been gone for more than a week will be arriving here and that international space station, that's an activity to do tonight. there should be enough clear skies. yay. we'll have a southwest to northeast pass with the international space station so it should be clear enough for that. 74 to 82 for the evening and sun sets at 8:32. as far as tomorrow morning, it
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will be comfortable and 59 to 67 degrees. and then for tomorrow afternoon -- >> what's going on? >> does we lose veronica? >> we'll throw up the five-day forecast. that's important. >> let's take a look. >> here we go. take it away, jim it looks like saturday is 89 degrees. wendy and lots of sunshine, sunday a little more humid, look at that. >> i'm used to it. i spent time in the south. and in the 80s for the rest of the week so some showers. >> like midweek. great, vance is doing sports and you're doing weather. see how versatile we are? coming up, a security's scare at regan. a plane is searched because of something the passenger did before take-off. and a man hits the streets dressed like a zombie and terrorizes the people of miami. how this prank nearly cost him his life. his life. and the nat
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when mitt romney says "planned parenthood we're gonna get rid of that." his life. and the nat romney is saying he'll deny women the birth control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says "do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes." he's saying he'll deny women the right to make their own medical decisions and when his campaign can't say whether he'd support equal pay protections. "and we'll get back to you on that." romney's putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney
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is out of touch and wrong for women.
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verizon. felicidades ! the nationals open a big series of interleague play as they take on the boston red sox at fenway. >> i got to go. looking forward to it. steven strasburg is on the mound for the nats. he's part of pitching staff. >> and the pitching coach, he told theo harris, it's the comradery among the pitchers that's making them so successful. >> all five starters, when one is pitching the other four guys sit together in the bull pen. they all get along great. they play golf and do all this stuff together. it's not only a butch of talented guys, the thing that's important is their character that makes the pen because they take pride and they're that much better and having been a part of a decent staff at a time you have the other four guys pulling for you and in a sense, pushing you to make you do better.
5:25 pm
and i didn't really have any doubt that we would be extremely good but, you know, they probably are even better than i thought. >> the best. the best e.r.a in baseball. stephen strasberg, everybody says he has some of the best stuff in baseball and do you agree with that and how do you coach that? >> trying not to mess it up too much? >> he does. he has such quality stuff. the fastball, the curveball and the change-up is the big one in there and he has a bushing desire to excel, because he wants to do so well and sometimes what gets in his way is him. expecting so much. but i always tell him, just relax. the way i coach him is we talk more about the mental things. all the guys have the talent. physically we all know about mechanics. steven being so young and experienced we talk about game situations a lot. that's the thing he's learning as he goes. and once he gets it, he retains
5:26 pm
it. but his stuff is unbelievable. >> we saw that in his last outing. no doubt about it. >> it's fun to coach him because i don't do anything. >> makes a pitching coach's job easy. and the veteran zimmerman and jackson. you've got some veterans at the back end of your rotation. do you feel like that's a luxury? pitching coaches are struggling to get their fifth starter going? >> like we talked about before everybody talked about it, going into spring training two years ago we didn't know who are third, fourth, fifth let alone the first and second. now we had seven guys going for that spot and all of them quality. these guys in my heart i believe they're the best starting staff in baseball. it's hard to, with the ve h velocity they have and the movement on the ball and with chin mink's sinker it's hard to find a combination that beats it. >> so nats and red sox starting a big series with boston with steven strasburg on the mound tonight. coming up next at 5:30, a
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culpepper police officer charged with murder and we learned there were questions about hits background even before he was hired. and an update on our breaking news. kwame brown is pleading guilty to felony bank fraud and a misdemeanor campaign violation.a
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dark day in waug. kwame brown pled guilty to felony bank fraud and admitted he forged names on bank loan applications and overstated his income by tens of thousands of dollars. as part of that plea deal he resigned from his council seat and he could be sentenced to up to six months in prison. after the plea hear, brown was remorseful and choked up when he addressed the public. >> i want to apologize. from the bottom of my heart, to all those that i have let down.
5:31 pm
to the people of this great c y city, my neighbors and friends, the mayor, my council colleagues, government officials and employees of the government who worked so hard to serve our city. >> one hour later, brown also pled guilty in d.c. superior court to a separate misdemeanor charge related to his 2008 campaign funds. our live team coverage continues tonight on "news4 at 6:00." a judge set bail for a former culpepper police officer at $100,000. after he pleaded not guilty to gun and mushed charges. >> his mother's also facing charges because she allegedly tried to clean up her son's personnel file while working at the police department. derrick ward has more from
5:32 pm
culpepper. >> reporter: a one-time city police officer and marine corp iraq-war veteran now in restraints and jailhouse stripes. 32-year-old daniel harman wright pleaded not guilty to a series of charges including felony murder and firing into an occupied vehicle, stemming from the shooting of 54-year-old patricia cook. he have responded to a report of a suspicious car. the wrom dragged the officer briefly and he fired a total of seven shots at cook's jeep the fatal shot striking her in the head and back. >> she cut the wheels really sharp to try to run over him with the rear wheels and executed a left turn on to a public street, all the time, with a sunscreen up in her windshield. >> defense attorney, daniel haas, says cook was which felon who posed a threat to others and his clients actions were justified. not so says commonwealth attorney, tim fisher.
5:33 pm
>> you don't take someone's life to save your own then the homicide you commit is unjustified so if it's unjustified the question is, what type of homicide is it? murder or manslaughter? the grand jury elected to charge murder. >> arguing against bail, he paints a picture of a man with a history of drinking problems, hired as a police officer over the objections of police brass but the judge was convinced by harman's wife swearing under oath that he no longer possessed firearms and he only had gotten drunk since the shooting to deal with the stress. the defendant's mother also faces charges. it's alleged she sought to purge her son's personnel file of disparaging material. she was a secretary for the police chief at the time of the shooting. so at this point about the only thing not up for argument is that a life ended at this spot on the morning in february. and if it's up to the attorney for the commonwealth it will be up to a jury of people from this community that decides the fate of the man who fired the shots. in culpepper, derrick ward, news4. >> some tense moments in reagan national airport today. four people pulled off a flight for acting suspiciously
5:34 pm
before take-off. this happened on a dpel ta regional jet head headed to detroit. officials say the passengers got up as the plane was about to push back from the gate so authorities took everyone off the plane. rescreened the passengers. rechecked all the luggage. the four passengers who acted suspiciously were taken off the flight and everyone else was allowed back on and the flight eventually left. here's another check on our forecast. >> veronica is joining us live from kennington, maryland. >> i found a basketball. i feel like i've been playing games all day. i'm down where the kids are by the basketball goal. this is where they all get together, the four families, and the rest of the neighborhood, can you hold this for me, yeah? >> i'm going to say who's going to get my rebound, oh, air ball. >> you know, i'm playing like doug here. joey, help me with the temperature, all right? let's look at our temperatures across the area right now.
5:35 pm
all right, folks, there they go, racing by. someone's got the ball and they're placing chase. for the overnight, our temperatures are anywhere from -- >> 60 degrees to 65. >> very good and it is going to be clear tonight just a few clouds around the area. high temperature tomorrow? >> 90. >> not 99 yet, joey. >> thanks a lot. so you're going to be hanging outs with us for a few more minutes? >> yes. >> more from kensington, maryland, in our little block party. back to you. >> all right, have fun. and still ahead, "the washington post" food critic takes us inside a fairfax county secrets. why this indian restaurant is worth a taste. i'm liz crenshaw. is it cost effective to raise if thermostat on your ac when you're out of the house? that's the question. the answer is coming up on "ask liz" on news4 at 5:00. and a hidden camera video that freed a former high school football player who spent five
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if you don't live fairfax county you may be missing one of the best kept secrets. this inldian visit and as tom says, it's worth a visit. >> the classic butter chicken and the fluffy rice dish best ordered with tender goat and garnished with shall lots. the recipe is from the owner's grandmother. chicken bites rubbed green with cilantro and garnished with red onions, dark green spinach cakes. split bell peppers, heaped with diced potatoes and house-made white kmeez come with a nice bite. a little entertainment accompanies the chicken on the table on a banana-leaf covered platter. joined by coconut rice and peas
5:40 pm
and a football sized fresh green coconut with a straw inserted. if you're the kind of diner that likes to explore lots of tastes rather than commit to one large plate, consider the $16 vegetarian. the tray holds cups of chickpeas with sweetened yogurt and spinach dotted with cubes of cheese and they play up the range of the indian color wheel. be sure to some up the sauces with hot breads, especially the stuffed ones and the dome-shaped curry. not every dish is reason to jump into the car and drive over. this is routine and their deserts, are not worth any belt-loosening. where so many indian restaurant restaurants keep their kitchens hidden, this up with haas a big circular window with meat destined for clay ovens. two chefs, one representing the south of india and the other the northern part of the country,
5:41 pm
was at least, reliable and sometimes, diminished. i give two stars, a rating, to this restaurant in fairfax. food quitic can "the washington post." >> you can read the full review this weekend in "the washington post" magazine and for more of tom's takes on local restaurants visit up next, high school high jinks or a dangerous prank? herndon high school punishing some seniors and it becomes a trending topic on twitter. ♪ >> wow! the latest youtube
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5:44 pm
some herndon high school students are asking for forgiveness after being suspended for an end of the year prank. the six boys say they were just having fun and they didn't mean any harm. >> school officials say they knew exactly what they were doing and knew it was wrong. erika gonzalez has the latest. >> reporter: herndon high school students and parents have withouted years to graduate, walk across the stage and get their diplomas. >> i want to make my mom and family happy. my datd's coming from iran. >> this senior tells me he and five friend pulled a prank last week. now, three of them are in-school suspension and he and two others
5:45 pm
are suspended and won't be able to walk during commencement. john torre with the fairfax public county schools. >> the outside was vandalized with spray paint. after the school day started, someone poured baby oil on the floor of the main hallway and some staircases and shortly after that a fire alarm was pulled. >> he says he's he and his buddies had nothing to do with the alarm but take responsibility for the rest. >> they told me the what-ifs. they had teachers that were pregnant and kids disabled with crutches and stuff. honestly, at the end of the day, nobody got hurt. >> you don't think it's too harsh. >> no. they wanteded to do a prank and they knew if they got caught they were going to get in trouble. >> how important is it to see your child walk. >> it's very important. it's very important. but, also, seniors need to be accountable. >> post-it notes. coming outside and finding your car covered in them. as harmless enough but students tell me the ones that really go down in the books are the ones
5:46 pm
that are remembered. >> last year it was like marsh mellows. and nadari will attend penn state on a basketball scholarship says attorneys are looking into the matter. in herndon, erika, news4. >> fairfax public schools say no secret similar actions against pranksters were taken in the past and this year all seniors were told funny business would not be tolerated. and another prank that almost went dangerously wrong. one of the stories trending today. you may have seen the video coming up on youtube. a zombie causing panic on the streets of florida. it's getting over a million hits a day. for two day this is florida pranksterer dressed in full zombie makeup and chased people as they ran for their lives. he said he was unexpired by recent zombie-life behavior in
5:47 pm
miami where a man bit part of another man's face off. this prankster says its all in fun but he said he got hit in the back of his head a couple of times and someone pulled a gun on him. ♪ are they scary things? do you ever imagine things ♪ ♪ things you'd like to have ♪ did you ever see a cat's eyes in the dark ♪ ♪ and wonder what they were ♪ >> wow, the old tv favorite is going viral on the internet. pbs commissioned mr. rogers neighborhood, the remix, he sings, did you ever grow anything in the garden of your mind. old show clips were used to create this montage, more than 700,000 people have watched the youtube video. kind of crazy. >> beautiful day in the neighborhood. it is kind of crazy. >> creepy. let's check back in with veronica in kensington. >> speaking of which job you said a beautiful day in the
5:48 pm
neighborhood. it is here in kensington, maryland and the people keep coming. that's typical of what happens here on a friday night when they do their get togethers. look at this, wendy. a got a turkey burger for you. it's got your name on it. i'll bring it back. on the grill, the hotdogs and burgers. who does most of the cooking here? >> me. by far. who does most of the cleaning here? me, by far again. and who makes sure that all the kids stay happy, well, i got to say the both of us. >> see, it's a balance around here. we're going to have some of this burger while we look at the graphics. that's good, guys. very good, very moist. our temperature is throughout the evening, folks are going to be falling through the 70s. mid 70s by 11:00 p.m. tomorrow, 65 to 69 degrees. and then as far as tomorrow night goes, we'll see
5:49 pm
temperatures, again, drop down into the mid 60s. so even our overnights are going to be warm. we have a high temperature tomorrow around 90 degrees with sunshine. and a pretty nice day, too, on sunday but a little humid. so with a high of 91 degrees, it's going to feel more like 95. monday, tuesday, temperatures in the mid-to-upper 80s across the area. but it is on tuesday when we're going to see some rain move back into the area and that rain is probably going to stay with us on tuesday, wednesday, thursday and with it probably drying up on wednesday, as we're going to start cooling down. take a look behind me. the kids are playing football. waving high. we've got some of them who have started a dance contest down the way by where the music is. little kids on bicycles. they're lemonade stand is still down there and the card board cutout of doug, who couldn't with with us today, still standing. we'll have more from kensington, maryland. >> thanks, veronica.
5:50 pm
so what are the speed and red light camera laws in our area. is it cost effective to raised your thermostat on the ac when your yoo out of the house? and what's the difference between a blender and food processor. we have is answer with liz crenshaw as we "ask liz" on this lovely friday. >> the first question comes through e-mail pap viewer named jeff. jeff says he's confuse on local speed and red light camera laws so what are the laws in our area. >> okay, the governor's highway safety association helped us with this answer it says a local speed and red light cameras always vary by state. in maryland, cameras are permitted for red light and speed violations. however, you're only going to find speed cameras in montgomery and prince george's counties. both of these penalties come with a fine ranging from $40 to $100. in d.c., cameras are also permitted for both red light and speed violations, fines start at $75. however, in virginia, cameras are only permitted for red light violations and there's a $50 fine for this charge.
5:51 pm
so different from state to state. >> that clears that up. >> scloe it down. >> maryann from fredericksburg has our next question. wants to know if it's cost effective to raise the term state on the air conditioning when she's out of the house? >> we turned to pepco and they say, yes, it's cost effective to raise the temperature on your term state if you're leaving for a while. they suggest you set the term state between 75 and 78 degrees when at home, during hot weather, central air conditioner can account for 30% of your energy bill and you can save 5% for every degree you raise on the temperature of your air conditioner. so it is worth doing it. >> the next question comes from carly in northwest. what's the difference between a food processor and a blender? >> well, consumer reports gave us this answer. it says that blenders are usually used for puwould your raying liquids and liquids and shakes. food processors are used for chopping and slicing solid food
5:52 pm
and formally handle a wider varieties of tasks than blender and come with things that help you knead dough for pies and cookies and bread. there are also crossover machines but may not be as powerful as a food processor. so if you want smoothies, buy a blender. if you have a question, send it to me on twitter or on facebook. >> and a lot of recipes call for, doing something in a blender. or in a food processor and you think, i'll use -- and then -- >> not as powerful -- >> there you go. >> so. >> have a good weekend. >> jim? >> coming up next, a hidden camera catching something remarkable. a woman explains that she faked [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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former high school football player whose standout career was derailed by a false rape conviction could come to our area for a workout with the redskins. brian banks is adjusting to life after being exonerated. we're seeing hidden camera video that themmed to his innocence. we have this report. >> i was -- >> you're watching never-before aired video of wau. juane taechlt f tta banks before he confession that she lied saying the high school football star raped her. >> this kwam are was in a plant. >> this is the man who helped banks get the now famous confession on hidden camera. private investigator, freddy parish. >> there's only one chance to get the goods. you got to make it right the first time. >> parish cease son played football with his son in with 2002. gibson made her false rape
5:57 pm
accusation. gibson's family got a 1 $1.5 million settlement from the school district and banks got five years in prison and five more on parole. shackled with an ankle monitor. >> i know i'm not behind bars and i'm not locked up right now but i'm still very much incarcerated. >> and then last year, brian banks got a facebook friend request wanetta gibson. he called me and said, what should i do. she said call my dad. once i read the case, there was no doubt in my mind that this young man was innocent. >> parish devised a plan to clear brian banks' name. he wired his office -- >> we had a pen like this -- >> with hidden cameras. >> sitting in this pen holder. >> and with microphones. >> we put the aaudio device in the tree behind you. >> the private i suggested he invite gibson to his office for a friendly chat about their past. brian banks asks gibson for help in clearing his name.
5:58 pm
>> i will go through with helping you but -- >> she's afraid of losing all the money from her settlement. >> all the money they gave us, gave me, i don't want to have to pay it back. that would take a long time. >> now, comes the hard part. banks had to convince gibson so come back the next day and talk to the private i who was helping free him. >> i needed to get her to basically recant everything that she said that brian did ten years ago. if i let this man down, i would have to live with that the rest of my life. >> the mood in the room was light but investigator parish's questioning got heavy. >> when did you -- was it after or before? >> after. >> now the big question -- >> did he rape you? >> no, he did not rape you? >> did he kidnap you? >> no. >> when she said those things, what did you say to yourself? >> wow! i got it. >> it was the key evidence that the california innocence project needed to go back to court and that undercover video got brian
5:59 pm
banks rape conviction thrown out. >> and now at 6:00 welcome kwame brown has his day in court. the former d.c. council chairman pleads guilty and apologizes. >> a blow to the horse racing. i'll have another is out of the race for the triple crown. and another d.c. corruption case untraveled. kwame brown pleased guilty to felony bank fraud and a misdemeanor campaign violation. >> six years ago i made some very serious mistakes in judgment and i've taken full and sole responsibility for those mistakes. >> and good evening. i'm in for doreen against her. >> and jim vance. >> a high-ranks d.c. government official brought down by corruption. we have team coverage tonight beginning with tom sherwood. he was there when an emotional kwame brown


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